About me

My dream job: working as a UX Designer in an inspiring, humane and responsible company.

I’m a fresh BBA Information Systems graduate. In my studies I focused on usability and user experience. Not the most typical path, but I think it says a lot about my motivation and assertiveness towards becoming a designer. On the other hand, it also means that I understand a bit about the technical side of things.

I value teamwork and laid-back, open communication. I am a research-driven analytical observer, and paying attention to details is my second nature. Whether it’s an unpleasant website, an overgrown garden gone wild or a messy closet, I will likely feel the need to turn it into something functional, decluttered and visually appealing. That’s just who I am.

If you are looking for someone who has all the drive to become tomorrow’s expert,  contact me via email or LinkedIn.

During the last 7+ years as a design professional, I’ve been working with dozens of companies from various industries, helping them to build new services and improve existing ones.

My core skills lie in the intersection of design and technology, which means that I’m skilled in designing digital experiences with an iterative and data-driven approach, but I’m also comfortable communicating with the development team to solve more technical problems.

I enjoy working on projects that have a positive impact on the surrounding society and the environment, in addition to the business in question. On a team level, I strive to work with individuals who have different backgrounds, because I genuinely believe that diverse teams produce the best results.

If you think that I would be a great fit to your team as a freelance designer, feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn, and let’s discuss more!

Or, if you’re a fellow designer, let’s connect on LinkedIn. I’m always looking for talented people to work on projects together and to share knowledge related to design.